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The SuperMow M685 Robot Lawn Mower Gains Adoption in Taiwan

The enthusiastic response to the URSROBOT SuperMow robotic lawn mower is growing enthusiasm and deployment into parks, green public area, hotels, such as: the Kaohsiung National Science and Technology Museum, the Taipei Daan Forest Park, the National University of the Arts, National Yangming University, and Sannano Biotech Inc.’s corporate campus.

The director-general of Kaohsiung National Science and Technology Museum Chen Shiunn-Shyang has strong support for the use of the SuperMow smart robotic lawn mower to maintain the lawns. He has been actively promoting science and technology education for a long time, providing people with leisure and lifelong learnings, and building a science and engineering museum to become an indicator of applied science. Mr. Chen is happy that the Sincere Group, which is responsible for the maintenance of the lawn; uses smart technology to maintain the lawn. This not only implements the original intention of supporting the promotion of new technology applications, but also makes the lawns of the campus more refined and beautiful.

The Kaohsiung National Science and Technology Museum implements support for applied technology through pratical maintenance, bringing technology into daily life. In response, President of Sincere Group, Yang Wenrong stated that in order to break through the traditional labor service market, Sinceree Group has actively implemented intelligent technologies and reduced the shortage of manpower demand, to improve the quality of work through the SuperMow M685. Makes mowing safer and more efficient. At the beginning of next year, SuperMow M685 will be also implemented in the Southern Branch of the National Palace Musuem and more cases with lawn maintenance.

Since November this year, Daan Forest Park, known as the lung of Taipei City, has also used SuperMow to maintain their lawn. Supervisor of landscaping provider, Wang said: After using M685, he can let the robot working on the grass by itself and also do other on-site works such as shrub trimming and planting maintenance at the same time to improve working efficiency and quality. Also solve the headache of manpower shortage dispatching. The great mowing quality of M685 is over expectations, very meticulous. After a period of maintenance, the lawn is very beautiful and healthy, allowing citizens to enjoy a better and safer resting place.

The most special case is Sannano Biotech Inc., a famous beverage manufacturer in Tainan. The general manager, Wang Tingkun actively promotes innovation and drives Sannano to break the tradition, makes it become the first food and beverage factory in Asia who is certified by ISO carbon and water footprint. He heard that a new startup company had launched an smart robotic lawn mower, then immediately arranged SuperMow working in the lawn independently.

With more than 50% green coverage, Sannano cherishes nature and care for the environment. They insist on not using chemical weeding methods, compared to the past requiring dedicated gardeners to manually maintain the lawn. By using M685 months later, in addition to saving a lot of time and physical strength, it can maintain a neat height. The finely chopped clippings are also turned into nutrients to nourish the lawn, keeping the lawn in a healthy status, creating a green and healthy factory environment, therefore improving the physical and mental health of employees.

When URSrobot promotes the SuperMow M685, it also promotes the concepts and skills of foreign lawn maintenance to the domestic market. With the increasing demand for green space by citizens, lawn maintenance is getting important. It has obvious effects on the health of the lawn, whether it is for lesuire or landscaping.

The quality of urban green space significantly affects the health of human respiratory organs. If we can make the quality of green spaces better, the quality of people’s healthy life can be effectively improved. Through the operation of SuperMow, the efforts of maintaining lawns is reduced, and the safety is improved; Using M685 also improves the quality of green life. It is expected to bring more convenience to human life and promote a better life quality.