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URSROBOT Introduces SuperMow at the “Smart City Exhibition 2021” in Taipei

The 4-day “Smart City Exhibition 2021” was successfully completed at the Taipei Nanggang Exhibition Hall last week. It is co-sponsored by the Taipei Computer Association, Taipei City Government, Taoyuan City Government, and Kaohsiung City Government. Through the virtual and physical showcase, there are 250+ manufacturers, thousands of booths in 10 counties and cities, the Bureau of Industry, the Ministry of the Interior and other units. All the latest and best technologies were presented at the exhibition. 


The Ministry of the Interior exhibited the high-precision map e-GNSS system provided by the National Land Surveying and Mapping Center, which can reduce the original GPS positioning accuracy from within hundreds of meters to 2 cm, providing many new applications such as self-driving cars and service robots. The smart robotic lawn mower independently developed by URSrobot uses e-GNSS high-precision positioning and self-developed technologies such as dynamic obstacle avoidance and cloud planning AI path. It can autonomously maintain a perfect lawn easily without burying any boundary wires.
Through the application of smart robotic mower, SuperMow M685C, it creates a more environmentally friendly and safer living environment, and it can also reduce the shortage of manpower demand for workers doing landscaping and maintenance jobs. In the meantime, it improves the quality of work, making work safer and more efficient. It tangibly realizes the application of smart environments and smart cities. The quality of urban green space significantly affects the health of human respiratory organs. If we can improve urban green space, the quality of people’s healthy life can be effectively improved through it. And through the operation of the smart robotic lawn mower, it reduces the complexity of maintaining the lawn in the past and improves the safety of the mowing tasks; the effective use of the smart robotic lawn mower also improves the quality of urban green spaces. It is hoped that such service robots will bring more convenience to human daily life and contribute a better quality of life. Improve the quality of leisure life of civilian and create a new impression for smart cities.