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NEXMOW M1 First Announce in GIE EXPO

Nexmow Wireless Robot Lawn Mower Introduced at the GIE Trade Exhibition – the Largest Outdoor Power Equipment Expo

October 20, 2021 – USRRobot, Inc. launched the NEXMOW wireless robot lawn mower at the 2021 GIE Equip Expo in Louisville, Kentucky. The Nexmow is the first wire-free robot lawn mower the operates with 4G and RTK Technologies for digital boundary mapping and robot mower navigation. Unlike all the other autonomous lawn mowers that require the installation of a charging station, electrical power and wires buried in the turf, the Nexmow is completely wireless.

Drop, Mow and Go with a Fleet of Nexmows

For the first time, professional landscapers can deploy a fleet of Nexmow robots from site-to-site. The swappable six-hour lithium-ion battery enables landscapers to arrive to a site, power-on the Nexmows to automatically mow the lawns while the landscape team can manage more important tasks at the site. The Nexmow is designed to integrated into the workflow and route of the professional landscaper.

Robot Lawn Mowers Provides Labor Savings and the Redistribution of Labor to More Profitable Landscape Jobs

“At its core, the landscape industry is a service business, and the lawn mowing job requires intensive labor but low to no profits. We want to empower landscapers to use automation technology to pivot away from this loss-leader lawn mowing task into more valuable work,” said Stephen Chen, CEO of URSROBOT. “Service robots create new profitable business models to overcome labor challenges and ultimately strengthen the landscape industry.” Our Nexmow robots are also battery-powered and provide important zero-emissions and low-noise that benefit the health of landscape workers and the environment.