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Nexmow Delivers the First Wireless Commercial Robot Lawn Mower Solution at the 2022 Equip Show



Every year in Louisville, Kentucky, the OPEI biggest event, Equip EXPO in October, is always a great show and a treat, especially for landscapers looking for new tools, technologies, and machines to make their businesses more efficient and profitable. It also shows the future of mowing. Number of companies showcased robotic solutions compared to last year and it seemed like this is becoming the future of landscapers. The trend is moving on.

NEXMOW wireless robotic mower solution is provided by a creative startup, URSROBOT, showcased their robotic mowers that work on the commercial grade RTK system with 4G connectivity all the time. The primary use case is to target commercial users like landscapers, municipalities and so on. Therefore, NEXMOW M1 doesn’t come with a charging station but has a swappable battery. The battery can run about 6 hours autonomous cutting with a systematic cutting pattern.

Landscaper just follows their slogan “Drop, Mow & Go”, to map out properties and drop these mowers for mowing the properties (multiple mowers can be used in a single work area as well). While the mowers are mowing, the landscapers can use the time to work on other valuable tasks such as bed maintenance, edging, trimming, blowing, tree maintenance etc. The mower comes with typical safety sensors such as ultrasonic sensors, bump sensors, lift sensors etc. It also has a camera in the front that sends the user a picture of the lawn once it completes its mowing task. 

This solution was showcased in the Equip EXPO outdoor demo area, we did see a great performance with 2 robots and a unique mapping tool called a virtual marker. This new concept of the working model is under verification with commercial landscaping companies. While more and more robotic solutions are coming, the NEXMOW is the leading solution in Equip EXPO.