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Vision. Robotics.
Unprecedented ROI for Customers

URS Robots was launched to transform the economics of commercial service businesses
through robotics technology. Headquartered in Taiwan, our team comes from the cell phone industry, with more than two decades of experience in IoT solutions, smart device development, software, and system integration. We also manufacture our own circuit boards for end-to-end quality oversight. From our Silicon Valley office, we’re growing a nationwide network of channel partners to bring Nexmow and future products to the businesses that need them.

Meet Management Team

URSROBOT Inc. wishes to provide the most useful service robot solution.

Let service robots be part of your life.


Stephen Chen

Service robot makes technologies for useful applications in daily life.

Technology + Service = Better life


Thomas Wu

“Drop, Mow & Go” is the future of the landscaping industry.

Robot partners redefine value of labor.

VP of Growth

Gabe Foo


2023 Editor’s Choice Awards:
Top 35 Claim the Prize

2023 Editor’s Choice Awards: Top 35 Claim the Prize

Products that make landscape pros’ lives a little easier. Products that solve the problems that keep them up at night. Products that streamline their operations. Products that allow them to work smarter, not harder. These are the types of tools and equipment Green Industry Pros recognizes with the 2023 Editor’s Choice Awards.

For this year’s Editor’s Choice Awards, the Green Industry Pros staff zeroed in on this year’s top 35 products.

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