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A New Wave of Technology of Service Robots are Coming

The Next Wave of Technical Innovation Will Come From Robotics

The most pressing topic for young students now is robots! In order to allow college students to integrate with the industry early and understand the latest industry trends and technological development directions, National Taiwan University specially invited Stephen Chen, the general director of the Taiwan Service Robot Alliance and the CEO of URSrobot Inc., on March 22, 2021. The Department of Electrical Engineering gave lectures to more than one hundred graduate students to share the next wave of the technology industry.

As topic “Surfing Life – How to Stand on the Next Wave”, Stephen shared the evolution of the technology industry in the past 40 years, including how the electronic systems developed from the computer industry and the mobile phone industry have affected various peripherals. How the development of the industry, along with the rapid changes in science and technology, has caused dramatic changes in various industries. At the same time, he also pointed out that next, the robot era will be ushered in, especially the development of service robots is rising strongly. The process of computing, communication, and development to service will break the logic of functional integration. Turning into the “new technology” trend of service integration.

The development of robotic systems requires lots of electrical talents. In addition to motors and system control, topics such as the use of robotic AI algorithms and 5G communications have attracted considerable interest to the participating young students and sparked lively discussions. In addition to the discussion of technological development, Chen also encouraged students to make good use of campus resources. During the learning process, they should expand their imagination, have the courage to learn across fields, and actively explore unknown areas. Through such a diversified learning process, they can accumulate problem-solving skills. It will be great skill in career.

Under rapid industrial changes, success is often only in a moment, and it is difficult to predict and describe. The Department of Electrical Engineering of National Taiwan University through the exchange of industry-university cooperation allows students to feel the enterprise/industry thinking early and encourages everyone to change from passive to aggressive. Proactively deploy ahead of time, review what you have learned, make a more active plan, and look at the future development of science and technology, and create an intelligent, new-tech living environment for Taiwan!